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Who we are

Fremen Media are a publishing group with a specific focus on the gaming sector. With a portfolio of sites covering various parts of the industry, Fremen have a unique reach across the gaming world.

What we do

To achieve our aims Fremen Media have teams based both in Europe and Asia, and a network of contributors and ambassadors all over the world, that are both passionate and knowledgable about gaming.

Fremen Media Sites

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How we work

Global Teams

We have a global network of enthusiastic, passionate and talented gamers that contribute to all of our sites.

Who we work with

As an independent publishing group we can choose who we work with, and that is people like ourselves… gamers…

Games, games and more games

From the early Atari systems to the latest consoles, via PC gaming and with a hefty dose of mobile games, we love them all.

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